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Proof of Purchase

A small tribute to some of the greatest friends a guy like me could ever ask for! I have more friends to draw cause I love you all! Just give me some time, though, we are in midterms after all! AHH! Working on fun personal projects is getting harder with each semester! This Lil' piece took me weeks to get to this level!

My friends and I as the animals we are inside! Inspired by Night in the Woods. The name is a fun pun: we all go to SUNY Purchase College in New York.

Destined Forever
Ahh, these two truly are meant to be. Mortal enemies? Perhaps. But we all know there's more to The Joker's action than just frivolous chaos. Just give him some validation Batman, come on! Very much inspired by the clips I have seen of The Joker for The Lego Batman Movie (which I still haven't seen; SOMEONE TAKE ME!) A fun tribute to the truest OTP around. 

Heavy Soulfall
Once a simple forest spirit, Alma lived in the lush and glorious forest of the Hidden East. While the other forest spirits boondoggled and played pranks on the wandering travelers passing through their forest, Alma worked tirelessly on brightening the forest with her botanical abilities, making her a popular favorite among the spirit chiefs and natives. Jealous of her popularity, the other forest spirits schemed to rid of Alma. Stealing from their chief's arcane library, the forest spirits tricked Alma and pushed her into a summoned hell portal.

Alone and deprived of her powers, Alma awoke in the cold and nebulous Netherworld and was found upon by the entity known as Death. Alma pleaded and begged Death to let her leave the cursed place, but Death told her that her soul was branded the moment she fell into the Netherworld, forever linking her to this place and him. Alma was immediately distraught and begun sobbing at her fate. Death, immediately captivated by Alma's beauty, offered her a chance to leave the eternal imprisonment of hell by offering her a position as a soul-gatherer. Seeing no other better choice in her predicament, Alma took the job.

Now and forever, Alma follows Death as he does his job and leads the souls of the fallen to their destination. Alma, a hard-worker and optimist, does her job with vigor and energy; she does, however, forever miss the lush green and tranquility of her glorious forest.

Hey oh! Man, that was some writing! I tried to keep it as short and compact as possible! This character was made for the February Combo Challenge at the Improvement-Club I had great fun working on this, though school slowed down my time to finish it! The photos given to me immediately invoked in me an idea of Death wandering in a snowy graveyard, as my sketches will prove. That covered the inspiration from "Blue Winter" & "Carach Angren 15", but it took a bit of thinking in how I would include the nature and colorful element from "Summer Spirit". It was when I was sketching that I struck upon an idea of a fairy in a forest; I then thought, "what if it wasn't Death, but a forest fairy, that was wandering in a snowy graveyard, completely out of their element?". From there, I researched female deities and forest nymphs for costume ideas (looked at Egyptian, Mexican, and Greek mythological depictions, to be specific) and found that a great many of them were seductive in nature and had very loose clothing, and decided to incorporate that as a bigger contrast to the snowy scenery.


Inspiration Photos: 
So update time. I have been branching myself out into a lot of platforms to sort of start building an online presence. 

Wowie, that's a lot of websites! A lot of the work that you see here will slowly be migrating to all of these platforms, but as well as new work! If have any of these social medias/art forums, feel free to follow me!
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Another semester, another year comes close to an end. I usually like to take a moment for reflection to see what 2016 had brought about and what I hope to accomplish for next year.

This has not been an easy year; in fact, I would go as far as to say that this had been the most difficult year I have ever recalled to have gone through. My dealings with my anxiety had reached an all-time low, resulting in my having a breakdown during the summer of this year. I have been completely overwhelmed with school all throughout this year that I am just unsure if I have the strength to keep going with it. 

And I have never been so uncertain about my future than I am right now.

I had hoped to create more fun and intrapersonal works to publish here on DA this year, but that didn't work out as I had initially planned. 

There were silver linings in this dark cloud of a year, however. I have made plenty of amazing friends, both online and offline, without whom I wouldn't have been able to get through this turbulent year.

I can only hope and pray that next year will be a better one. I thank you all for being a part of it all with me!


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